He ran away to war at age 11 Peter Filonenko. WW2


His name was Peter Filonenko. The boy runs away from home to the front. Went through the whole War! But why run away? And he can answer:

He ran away to war at age 11 WW2
He ran away to war at age 11 WW2. Peter Filonenko.

Shooting in 11 years

In the autumn of 1941 the Germans approached Lozova in Kharkiv region. Peter was only 11 when he learned what the bombing. Father, older brothers fought for a long time, and the boy decided that he’s old enough to take up arms. Despite the pleas of his mother, he ran after the retreating soldiers and clung to the wagon with ammunition.

— That it was more convincing, added to his two years lied that I was 13 years old, — says Poroshenko. — Take me, the soldiers did not want to, joked that semolina is not. But I begged and they allowed me to stay.

The audacity and courage of the boy praised the commander of the reconnaissance. Pulled, trained soldiers. But the soldiers on adults and children are not divided. While walking through the war, seven times was abandoned to the Germans in the rear. And each time was able to return.

Fortune kept the boy and when at Stalingrad under the Popovka village was surrounded and captured. The enemy is also not divided the soldiers by age. When brought out for execution, Peter was rescued by the unknown soldier, at the last moment to cover it by yourself.

— I bullet also caught, but managed to escape. A local woman, a good woman, — went, — remembers the veteran.

Twice buried

This happened on 16 July 1943, when Peter Filonenko fought in the armored brigade. Under bombing got a terrible! Saving the commander from the bomb, Peter pushed him into the trench and took the hail of shrapnel.

Afterwards I learned that seven of them came inside me, — says Poroshenko. And then, I remember, the commander shouted, «Run to the nurse!» A paramedic dead… and Then I lost consciousness.

Friends told me that while 14 people in a mass grave laid. And already the earth began to fall asleep, suddenly someone saw that Peter under his nose bloody bubble inflated. «Unearth! He’s alive!» In the infirmary nurse Valya passed the boys of his blood. And he survived again!
Second time click of death on the nose Peter Filonenko gave in June 1944, when our troops went on the offensive.

It was a fight for the route Gomel — Bobruisk. The infantry could not pass through the wall of fire, which we poured from the enemy bunker. I jumped off the APC, made his way through the bushes and struggling to hit the shoulder in the red-hot barrel of a machine gun. 12 bullets through a… Peter was only 14 years old. Little hero, repeated the feat Alexander Matrosov, decided to bury, as an officer, in a coffin. Already dug a hole, and the nails in the lid began to hammer when the house was heard a faint wheezing. Then — 12 operations and months of rehabilitation in hospital in tsqaltubo.

— Because of these wounds of my comrades was given the nickname Darned, — says Petr Filonenko. — Now from our tank brigade I live one left — the last soldier.

Simon bequeathed to write a book

Rising to his feet, Peter decide to enter in the Suvorov military school. But rejected for health reasons. But for the front the boy was again fit. Now with the regiment when I came to Berlin, leaving his signature on the Reichstag.

The war gave him many memorable encounters. The son of the regiment starred in films such as the famous war documentary filmmaker Roman Karmen. In the hospital lay with Marshal Rokossovsky. But most dear to his heart the memory of friendship with Konstantin Simonov.

— We met at the front in 1941. Simon told me: «the outcome of this damned war, and we have to write the book. I — about the living and the dead, and you — about the war through the eyes of a young soldier»…

Movie and the police

Peter was discharged 15 Feb 1946. He was not yet 16 years of age. Back in Ukraine, graduated from the factory school, worked in factories in Kharkov and Zaporozhye. And then went to the police. Too was fighting to live and to work. He began his service in Melitopol. On the first day of patrol caught the two robbers.

— I then these bandits planted the potatoes in may — praise service veteran.

In Kiev, where a young policeman identified in a cavalry squadron, unexpectedly found his passion for cinema.

— It was in 1949. We rode horses on the street: a handsome, in shape, singing. There is a Director Timofey Levchuk us and spotted.

After Peter played in the film Levchuk «300 years ago» the role of znamenosets, it began to invite in other movies. Military bearing, ability to ride and shoot were evaluated by the Directors. There are episodes with his participation in the «Diplomats Willy-nilly», «Bumbarash», «Bohdan Khmelnytsky», «Family Kotsyubinsky», «Yaroslav the Wise»… When he retired with the rank of Colonel, on account 130 230 fiction and documentary films.

When in the Studio they. Dovzhenko Viktor Ivanov started off the immortal Comedy «chasing two hares», Peter Filonenko was featured in the movie «the Briton». Tall, thin, he like Ivanov, and he decided to make him a dandy. A policeman was dressed up in a plaid jacket and vest — a constant attribute cronies Golohvastov, yellow butterfly, flat hat and stuck antennae. It was a real dude.

After installation of the film survived only a few frames involving Filonenko, but it was a memorable friendship with Oleg Borisov and other members of the film group. And a picture where the son of the regiment a real dandy. Even imagine can not, what’s under the vest at this dandy scars from many wounds and that he was proud of his wartime nickname — Darned.


The last battle

Peter has always believed that he has three homeland: Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Now, a birthplace he became less…

In March 2014,five of the Nazis knocked him to the ground and beat him. Beaten on the hands and feet, the head Petro had managed to cover up. The result of his «conversations» with the Ukrainian grateful descendants were numerous bruises and two broken ribs.

Kiev doctors learn who beat veteran to treat him refused. But for the fact that the Veteran gave an interview to Russian journalists, he was hunted by nationalist gunmen: the phone began to pour threats on the door and stuck the tag right sector.

Now Peter lives in Russia, where the doctors made him a difficult heart surgery, and well-wishers have provided an apartment to live in.

He ran away to war at age 11 Peter Filonenko.



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