Tank support combat vehicle «Terminator 3»


Military-technical analyst of the American magazine «The National Interest» Dave Majumdar believes that NATO should be wary of the Russian BMPT «Terminator-3». In fact, according to the author of the publication, in the armed forces of the North Atlantic Alliance at the moment, no assault weapons, designed to keep tanks on the battlefield, and the Russian military-industrial complex produces on the export of war machines, «Terminator» and «Terminator 2».

«The first BMPT was built in a limited number for testing in 2005. The second «Terminator» has acquired a more sophisticated design that allowed to reduce its dimensions, crew size, and reduce the combat weight of the machine. «Terminator 2″ has a strong armament: four anti-tank rocket launcher, laser-guided, a pair of 30-mm automatic guns and machine gun PKTM,» writes Dave Majumdar.

Tank support combat vehicle BMPT Translate "Terminator 2"
Tank support combat vehicle BMPT Translate «Terminator 2»

American expert complained that data on a new Russian military machine, created on the basis of tank T-14 «Armata» is extremely small. It is known only about the intention of the designers to put on a new weapons platform ship gun caliber 57 mm with a range of 16 kilometers.

However, Dave Majumdar is confident that the new war machine, «which bears the ominous name «Terminator 3» will be quite a formidable opponent to NATO.

«We can conclude that he probably will have a chassis, sensors, passive and dynamic armor of the T-14. He is also likely to carry weapons, which consists of a modern anti-tank missiles and heavy automatic cannon armament. However, details about it is very little. However, it is safe to assume it will be a formidable opponent,» writes Dave Majumdar.

With him in solidarity and also Russian military analysts. For example, the chief editor of the magazine «national defense» Igor Korotchenko told the weekly «arguments and facts»: «the Main task of «Terminator 3» — support armored vehicles in war. This war machine is in a mixed composition of a tank unit, it is designed to quickly detect and destroy any targets that pose a threat to tanks. The «Terminator 3» can be used as a crew, and without it, as a heavy robot. This development is innovative and forward-looking nature and is based on the unique characteristics of heavy armored Bay «Armata», which is the technique of the fifth generation. Anything from one of the foreign armies is not in sight».

Recall that the tank support combat vehicle «Terminator» was created with regard to military actions conducted in Afghanistan and Chechnya. Then it became obvious that the armored vehicles it is often necessary to cover from the grenade and operators anti-tank guided missiles. «Terminator» is able to identify hidden threat and destroy it before the tank will be dealt a smashing blow.

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T-14 «armata» — a Russian main battle tank, combining armored capsule for the crew, uninhabited tower, AESA radar and active protection intercepts all known types of anti-tank ammunition. The world’s first tank fourth generation.

Defence of the tank based on «Armata» is organized in several echelons. Radar with a phased antenna array captures flying to the tank and aircraft shells, and a special program of the onboard computer provides the interception at a safe distance. Armor combat platforms are able to withstand all existing and perspective anti-tank munitions.



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