Kill fascist,defend your girl! Posters in the USSR during World War 2


«Here excerpts from three letters found on killed Germans.
Managing Reinhardt writes to Lieutenant Otto von Shirou:
«The French has been taken from us at the factory. I chose six Russians from the Minsk district. They are much hardier Frenchmen. Only one of them died, the rest continue to work in the field and on the farm. Their content is worthless, and we should not suffer from the fact that these animals, whose children may be killing our soldiers, eat German bread. Yesterday I was subjected to an easy execution of two Russian beasts who secretly devoured skim milk, destined for pig uteruses…»
Mates Zimlich writes its brother corporal Heinrich Zimlich:
«In Leiden there is a camp for Russians, it is possible to see them. Weapons they are not afraid, but we talk a good lash…»
Someone Otto Essman writes to Lieutenant Helmut Weigand:
«We have Russian prisoners. These types devour earthworms at the site of the airfield, they rush to the garbage can. I’ve seen them eat weeds. And to think that it’s the people!..»
And where a poor German to go?
The slave owners, they want to turn our people into slaves. They export Russians to themselves, bullied, bring their hunger to madness, to the point that dying people eat grass and worms, and a filthy German with a rotten cigar in his mouth philosophizes: «is it the people?..»
We know everything. We remember all. We understood: Germans not people. From now on word «German» for us the most terrible curse. From now on word «German» discharges the gun. Let’s not talk. Let’s not resent. We will kill you. If you didn’t kill during the day at least one German, your day is gone. If you think you Germans will kill your neighbor, you do not understand the threat. If you don’t kill a German, a German will kill you. He will take yours and will torment them in their accursed Germany. If you can’t kill a German with a bullet, kill the German with a bayonet. If your site lull, if you’re waiting for the fighting, kill a German before the fight. If you let a German live, the German will hang a Russian man and disgrace a Russian woman. If you killed one German, kill another — there is nothing more fun for us German corpses. Don’t count days. Do not count versts. Consider one thing: the Germans killed thee. Kill the German! — it asks old mother. Kill the German! — it begs you child. Kill the German! it screams native land. Don’t mess up. Don’t miss. Kill!
July 24, 1942″
Ilya Ehrenburg «Kill»



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