Russia has reduced to zero the American «super weapon»


In military-scientific circles in the US once the euphoria of the first successes in the creation of new types of weapons. In a familiar manner, the Americans dubbed his discovery the «superweapon».

Russia has reduced to zero the American "super weapon"
Russia has reduced to zero the American «super weapon»

Cumbersome and bulky installation which is capable of firing a projectile under the influence of the electromagnetic field. First results of the tests showed a good ability of American invention.

This significantly enhances the combat power of the weapon, unlike the traditional, which uses powder charges.

The American military has already hastened to declare, that all the power of the new invention will be directed against Russia in Europe and China in Asia. It is likely that from an ignorant person, such statements can cause tremors in the knees.

But such intimidation should be treated with some skepticism.

This is for two reasons.

The first American gun is only initial testing. So, talk about its capabilities it is still early;

The second is the same design, held not one test, but not as advertised, is in Russia.

Consequently, American «super» is not that other, as a primitive advertising campaign. Probably as a scientist and the US military, absolutely not interested in the scientific world discoveries.

What say representatives of the Pentagon? Their new gun fires a shot weighing 3 kg at a speed of 2.5 kilometers per second. In contrast to foreign design Russian design fires a projectile weighing 3 kg with much more speed of 6.25 kilometers per second.

Even based on these experimental figures, it becomes clear that no super-American scientists have not created.

And when you consider that the statements of the us military said that the weapons will be directed to containment of Russia and China, then we can assume about similar developments in China.

Bulky design of electromagnetic guns, according to Russian engineers, does not allow to arm them with a technique that is adopted. You will need to create a brand new database of terrestrial and marine equipment.

According to scientists, the Russian Federation, the possibilities of the new weapons will allow to destroy space satellites. Guns mounted on the tanks will allow the armored vehicles to be invincible, but it will have great destructive power.

In common reasoning of the management of arms and exploitation of the Russian Navy, to talk about creating a new weapon prematurely, as in Russia, and the United States. But the Americans confidently declare their readiness to create a new media weapons in 2020.

The Americans probably should think before you advertise. According to the American press, the US has spent on new development about $ 500 million. And to prepare the weapon for practical use they will have to find another $ 800 million.

One of their latest blunders is a widely publicized «supersonic» F-22. Machine which has not justified hopes rested upon it, the financial costs and in the end may prove to be the most useless in the history of the United States.

Perhaps not exactly valid comparison, but the American «railgun» could be «scams» for the average American.

Vasily Prokhorov



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