The most memorable utterances Russian rulers. From Ivan Groznyj to Vladimir Putin.


Over the long history of Russia, there were many rulers have it, and not very eloquent, we want to show you the choicest expression of important Russian leaders!

Ivan Groznyj

Ivan Groznyj
Ivan Groznyj

1. How can blossom tree, if it dried up roots? So here: in the kingdom is not the proper order, where the military will take courage?
2. It is not for men of noble cursing as commoners
3. To hunt rabbits, you need a lot of dogs to win enemies — a lot of soldiers. Who, having reason to be no reason to execute his subjects?





Peter I

Peter 1
Peter 1

1. Forgetting service for women is inexcusable. Being a captive lover worse than a prisoner in the war; the enemy may be more freedom, and a woman the shackles of a long-term
2. In honor of the New Year decorations from fir trees uchinyat, amuse children on a sled ride with the mountains. And adults drinking and do not commit the massacre — on the other days of the missing
3. State revenue should come with care — on which I have to give an account to God






1. Learn, learn and learn
2. Every cook should learn to govern the state
3. In fact, it is not the brain, and shit (about the bourgeois intellectuals)
4. Political prostitute
It not kept a single document, where Lenin uses the term directly. But there is plenty of evidence that he used the word «prostitute» with respect to their political opponents.




Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin

1. Life has become better, life has become merrier!
Stalin said its November 17, 1935 during a speech at the First All-Union Conference of workers and workers-Stakhanovite.
2. Cadres decide everything
This phrase Stalin said May 4, 1935 at the Red commanders issue. This is perhaps one of his most famous sayings. So he formulated very succinctly the essence of the party-political leadership of society.
3. We have no prisoners, we have only traitors
These words were uttered by Stalin during the war, when he was offered to exchange the captured son of a high-ranking military — General. Stalin refused and then delivered his famous phrase.
4. Our cause is just, the enemy will be defeated, victory will be ours.
One of the most famous sayings of the war years.
5. Each error has a name and surname




1. We will show gruel
In June 1959 passed the American Exhibition in Sokolniki. Khrushchev told US Vice President Richard Nixon at our disposal tools that will have serious consequences for you. We’ll show you more gruel! Translator did not expect such remarks and translated sentence word for word, we’ll show you more Kuzma’s mother! From such a statement the Americans arrived in deep perplexity. They were afraid that we are talking about lethal weapons, even more dangerous than a nuclear missile.
2. «Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you! »
From conversations with US diplomats in Moscow.
3. «fag damn!»
Khrushchev did not like what he saw, his character is a simple country man, though, and became the head of the country, could not understand this «art». Fully phrase was: «What are you — men or fag damn how can you write?»
4. «Our goals are clear, defined objectives! For his work, comrades! »
One of the most famous quotes Khrushchev without humorous overtones.




1. Our world army is a haven of peace in the world when the world is our army is worldwide peace prevails peacefully
From the report of the XXVI Congress of the CPSU, 1981
2. The economy must be economical
From the report of the XXVI Congress of the CPSU, February 23, 1981
3. Khrushchev denounced Stalin’s cult after his death, and we have debunked the cult of Khrushchev during his lifetime
Final words on the Plenum October 14, 1964


Mikhail Gorbachev

Mikhail Gorbachev
Mikhail Gorbachev

1. Let me tell you what I said
2. And, frankly, hoped that our hands will wear the developed West. Yes, no! It is an illusion, utopia, no one is nowhere to wear
3. How will it form those who will rule Russia?



Boris Yeltsin

Boris Yeltsin
Boris Yeltsin

1. Take as much sovereignty as you can swallow it. I do not want … to be a hindrance in the development of national consciousness of each republic

Kazan at a meeting with the public in August 1990.
2. Do not sit well
In 1999, at a meeting of the organizing committee of the meeting of the government of the third millennium, after the appointed first deputy prime minister Sergei Stepashin planted away from the Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov.
3. Today I decided after the signing. All that we have is aimed at countries that are headed by sitting at the table … removes all warheads
on the Russia-NATO summit May 27, 1997 in Paris
4. I’m tired, I’m going
New Year’s address to the citizens of Russia
5. «Great Russia rising from its knees»
during the first presidency of the oath


Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

1. Who does not regret the collapse of the Soviet Union, have no heart; who want to restore it to its former appearance — in fact no head

2. The gap between the incomes of the rich and the poor, we will keep …
a second corrected: cut
3. «It has sunk»
When asked by the TV channel CNN en Larry King in September 2000, what happened to the Russian submarine «Kursk», Putin said curtly: «It has sunk»
4. All these eight years I have worked like a galley slave
Putin said in February 2008 in the «big» press conference in the Kremlin.
5. «It is necessary to look! And listen to what I say! If interested, please … »
the president said, referring to hang out at a meeting of the presidium of the State Council and the Security Council in November 2003 officials.
6. «If you are willing to be the most radical Islamist and are willing to make yourself circumcised, I invite you to Moscow. I recommend to do the surgery so that has not grown anything you »
Putin said in November 2002, after the EU-Russia summit in response to the statement of one of the journalists that Russia suppresses freedom in Chechnya
7. «If my grandmother had certain sexual attributes, it would be a grandfather. The policy does not tolerate the subjunctive mood »
Putin said, responding to a meeting in June 2006 with the heads of leading news agencies of the countries, «eight» to the question about the possibility of sanctions against Iran.
8. «You want that? So I ate the ground from a pot with flowers and swore on the blood? »
response to a journalist’s request to ensure that the denomination will not.
9. «Russian planes and will be applied to strikes in Chechnya solely on terrorist bases, and this will continue, no matter where terrorists were … .we will pursue the terrorists everywhere in the airport — at the airport. So, excuse me, in the toilet catch, we soak them in the toilet, in the end. All matter is closed definitively »
Putin’s statement in September 1999, being the country’s prime minister.



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