One Russian soldier against a German offensive / Ему отдали честь враги.


The war against the German invaders claimed millions of lives of Soviet people, cutting out an enormous number of men, women, children and the elderly. The horrors of the Nazi attacks experienced every citizen of our vast country. Sudden onset, modern equipment, experienced soldiers – all this was in Germany. Why brilliant plan «Barbarossa» fail? The enemy did not take into account one very important detail: he attacked the Soviet Union, whose people were prepared to die for every scrap of his native land.

soldier Nikolai Sirotinin knocked out tanks
Soldier Nikolai Sirotinin knocked out tanks

He saluted enemies
Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Georgians and other nationalities of the Soviet state fought together for their country and died for a free future for their descendants. One of these brave and valiant soldier was Nikolai Sirotinin.

A young resident of the city of Orel worked at the local industrial complex «TEKMASH», and in the day of the attack he was wounded in the bombing. As a result of the first RAID the boy was sent to the hospital. The wound was not severe, and the young body quickly recovered, and the desire to fight in Sirotinina left. Know about the hero bit, even his exact birth date is lost. At the beginning of the century it was customary to celebrate every birthday and some citizens simply did not know him, and remembered only a year. A born Nikolai Vladimirovich in the difficult time in 1921. It is also known from his contemporaries and comrades, he was humble, polite, short and thin. Documents about this great man, there is very little on the events and 476 km of Warsaw highway became known, largely thanks to the diary of Friedrich Chenfeld. It was the German Lieutenant wrote in his notebook the story of the heroic feat of the Russian soldier.

Immediately after the hospital Sirotinin hit the 55 infantry regiment, which was stationed near a small Soviet town of Krichev. Here he identified the gunner guns, that, judging by further events, clearly Sirotinin succeeded. On the river with the interesting name «Dobrote» regiment remained about two weeks, but the decision to retreat, however, was made. Nikolay Vladimirovich remembered the locals are very polite and sympathetic person. According to Verzhbizkiy, he always helped the elderly to convey water or to draw it from the well. Hardly anyone could see in this young senior Sergeant brave hero, capable of stopping a Panzer division. However, it still was.

To withdraw troops, it was necessary a cover, therefore to the position and remained Sirotinin. One of the many versions of the soldier supported his commander and also remained, but in battle, he was wounded and went to be with the first team. Sirotinin had to create a traffic jam on the bridge and join his, but this young man decided to stand up to the end to give maximum time to the soldiers to retreat. The purpose of the young fighter was simple, he wanted to take as many lives of the enemy army and damage the entire equipment.

The location of the only guns, which were fired by the attackers, was well thought out. Gunner was surrounded by a dense field of rye, and the gun was not noticeable. Tanks and armored vehicles accompanied by armed infantry quickly moved through the territory of the USSR under the guidance of talented Heinz Guderian. This was the period when the Germans were hoping for the lightning-fast implementation of the country’s occupation and the defeat of Soviet troops. Their hopes were shattered by such warriors as Nikolai Vladimirovich. Subsequently, the Nazis came face to face with the desperate courage of Soviet soldiers, and each feat had a serious demoralizing effect on German troops. At the end of the war, about the courage of our soldiers even in the enemy camp were legendary.

Nikolai Sirotinin soldiers killed 57 German soldiers
soldier Nikolai Sirotinin knocked out tanks, soldiers killed 57 German soldiers

He saluted enemies
Sirotinina task was to impede the advance of the armored division for a maximum period. The plan senior Sergeant was blocking the first and closing link column and causing possible large losses to the enemy. The calculation was correct. When the first tank caught fire, the Germans tried to retreat from the line of fire. However Sirotinin hit by a trailing car, and the column was left from the target. Fascists in a panic threw on the ground, not knowing whence comes the shooting. Enemy intelligence has provided evidence that a single battery in this area there is, so the division moved without special precautions. Fifty-seven shells were used by the Soviet soldier is not in vain. A tank division was destroyed one Soviet man. Armored vehicles were trying to cross the rivulet Wade, but firmly stuck in the coastal mud. The Germans during the battle did not even know that faced with only one defender of the USSR. Sirotinina position, located at the farm barn, was taken only after there are only 3 shells. However, even devoid of ammunition for guns and the opportunities to continue the fire, Nikolai Vladimirovich shot the enemy with the rifle. Only after his death Sirotinin passed position.

The German high command and the soldiers were terrified when they realized that confronted them only one Russian soldier. Sirotinina behavior caused great excitement and respect from the Germans, including Guderian, despite the fact that the losses of the division were huge. The enemy lost eleven tanks and seven armored personnel carriers. The shelling damaged the enemy out of 57 military. One person was worth an entire armored division, it is no wonder that even his enemies gave three volleys over his grave as a sign of the highest recognition of bravery.

Here at the dawn of July 17, 1941. Entry into combat with enemy tanks Columns and .dvuhchasovom battle repulsed all the attacks of the enemy artillery senior serzhant- Nikolay Vladimirovich Sirotinin Gave their lives for the freedom and independence of our Motherland 1921-1941
Here at the dawn of July 17, 1941.
Entry into combat with enemy tanks Columns and .dvuhchasovom
battle repulsed all the attacks of the enemy artillery senior serzhant-
Nikolay Vladimirovich Sirotinin
Gave their lives for the freedom and independence of our Motherland


Feat Nikolay Vladimirovich lost among the glorious examples of courage of Soviet soldiers. His story has been studied and illuminated only in the early 60-ies. At the same time about the heroic battle and knew his family. After the war the grave Sirotinina, which was made by the Germans in the village called Sokolniki graves had to be removed. The remains of the gallant soldier were reburied in a mass grave. The gun from which the shot Sirotinin Panzer division transferred to the scrap for recycling. Today the monument is erected, and in Krichev has a street with his name.





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