Military robots Russia in Syria

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For the first time in the world, the Russian armed forces conducted an attack of a fortified area of militants battle robots. In the province of Latakia, army units of the Syrian army, with the support of paratroopers of Russia and Russian combat robots, took the strategic height 754,5, tower «Syriatel».

More recently, the chief of the General staff of the Russian armed forces General Gerasimov stated that Russia seeks to completely automate the battle, and perhaps soon we will witness how robotic groups independently conducting warfare, and this happened.
In Russia in 2013 adopted by VDV latest automated control system «Andromeda-D», which can be used to implement the operational management of a mixed group of troops.
Using the latest high-tech equipment enables the command to provide continuous control of troops performing combat training tasks on unfamiliar grounds, and the command of the Navy to exercise control over their actions, being more than 5 thousand kilometers from the locations, getting out of the area exercise is not only moving graphic picture units, but a video of their actions in real time.

PLATFORMA-M Russia made in russia
PLATFORMA-M Russia made

Complex depending on the tasks can be mounted on two-axle chassis of KAMAZ, BTR-D, BMD-2 or BMD-4. In addition, given the specificity of the airborne, «Andromeda-D» is adapted for loading the aircraft, flight and landing. This system, as well as combat robots were deployed to Syria and tested in combat conditions.
In the attack on the heights was attended by six robotic complex «Platform-M» and four «Argo», the friendly robot maintained , recently deployed to Syria self-propelled artillery installations (SAU) «acacia» that can destroy enemy positions hanging fire.
From the air over a battlefield intelligence drones, passing information to deployed field centre «Andromeda-D» and in Moscow at the national defense control center command post of the General staff of Russia.

Automated control system Andromeda-D
Automated control system Andromeda-D
Military robots Russia in Syria
Military robots Russia PLATFORMA-M

Military robots, guns, drones were tied to an automated control system «Andromeda-D». The commander of the attack on the heights, in real time, was directing operations, operators of military robots, while in Moscow, led the attack, each saw the field of battle, and the whole picture.

The first went to the attack robots, closer to 100-120 meters to the fortifications of the militants, they called in the fire itself, and detected at the firing points immediately attacked SAU. For robots, at a distance of 150-200 meters there came the Syrian infantry, clearing the height. The rebels had not the slightest chance, all their movements controlled drones, the detected militants applied artillery strikes, literally 20 minutes after the start of the combat robots attack, the militants fled in terror, throwing dead and wounded. On the slopes of the height 754,5, averaged nearly 70 of the killed militants, the Syrian soldiers who perished there, only 4 wounded.

Robotic complex Argo
Robotic complex Argo

Central research and experimental design Institute of robotics and technical Cybernetics has developed a combat robotic complex «Argo».

It can be controlled remotely. «Argo» is designed to conduct reconnaissance and fire support of landing. Weapons system created for the destruction of equipment and manpower. In addition, the ATV can be used for delivery. «Argo» weighs about 1 ton. Machine length is 3.4 m, width — 1,85 m, height — 1,65 m. On the ground it has a top speed of 20 km/h, on water — 4.6 km/h. Continuously «Argo» is able to work more than 20 hours. Combat robotic complex is armed with a 7.62-mm tank machine gun, three grenades RPG-26, grenade launchers two RShG-2.

Text: Alexander Popov

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