Su-35S has called the most dangerous fighter in the world.

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The emergence in Syria of the su-35S has caused a new wave of discussions about military equipment used by Russia in the fight against terrorists, and attracted the attention of reputable Western publications, the latest machine called «the most dangerous fighter in the world».


German magazine Stern, for example, noted that the su-35S flight characteristics significantly superior to its competitors, combining the best features of fourth generation fighters and the basic properties of the fifth. According to the author of the material, despite the fact that at the airbase «Hamim» were moved a total of four such aircraft, they will become «an important addition to those already involved in the region to arms».

The latter primarily include the air defense system s-400 «Triumph» missile-gun complex «Pantsir-S1», to overcome which is almost impossible.su35s

«Triumph» in his article mentions and military commentator for The Washington Times. According to him, the su-35S together with the system s-400 allow Russia to protect their aircraft anywhere in the middle East with weapons, whose power is superior to NATO. High-level Pentagon spokesman in an interview with journalist The National Interest of the Russian car called the «great and dangerous aircraft». Comparing the su-35S with U.S. fighter jets, a military official said that, for example, F-15 and F/A-18E, when they met, «will be occupied by the throat».Су-35С,Su35s,Sukhoi

The su-35S are multi-purpose and belongs to a generation 4++. This means that most of the indicators meet the characteristics of fifth-generation fighters. So, super-maneuverability of the aircraft provides the new engine with thrust vectoring AL-41Ф1С, allowing you to develop a supersonic speed without using afterburner. He previous model, mounted on su-27, it has also increased thrust (14.5 tons), low fuel consumption and long service life. Fighter capable of speeds up to 2500 kilometers per hour and climb to an altitude of 20 thousand meters. The maximum range of 3,600 kilometers, and with extra fuel tanks increasing at a rate of 900 kilometers. In the su-35S used many technologies promising Russian fighter T-50 PAK FA. The crew consists of one pilot, and control is analog devices. They are replaced by two screens that display all the necessary information. The fighter was the first Russian domestic instantaneous aviamashin equipped with a navigation system — beans. The device collects and analyzes all flight data, provides the departure and the return of the aircraft at your airfield can do without satellites, GPS or GLONASS.


The greatest attention of Western military specialists also installed on the su-35S radar system «IRBIS», which is the most powerful in the world. It can detect targets at a distance of 400 km, can simultaneously track up to 30 aircraft and 4 ground targets, attacking the 8 most dangerous. The maximum weight of the payload of the aircraft is 8000 pounds. Su-35S equipped with 12 suspension points for missiles and bombs. In the armament of the fighter includes guided missiles «air-air» and «air-surface» and different-sized unguided rockets and bombs. Their types do not differ from those used today on the su-30MK, but in the future may apply new models, including versions with laser correction.Су-35С,Su35s,Sukhoi

The fighter also has a gun GSH-30-1 caliber 30 mm. two node external sling aircraft designed to accommodate containers of electronic warfare. On gone to Syria cars have a station EW «Khibiny». They provide protection of aircraft from missiles, knocking down the last target. According to the former chief of the fourth center of combat application and retraining of flight personnel in Lipetsk HQs of major-General Alexander Kurchevskogo, in Syria, the latest Russian fighters will not only be tested in combat conditions, which is «very important from all points of view», but could make a significant contribution to the destruction of terrorist targets. — Su-35, using ultra-high maneuverable characteristics in the conduct of air combat, in which he has no equal, with the same success can apply the means of destruction on earth, — quotes the General Agency TASS. We will remind, the Russian defense Ministry on 1 February confirmed the sending of four su-35S fighters to Syria. The office said that the latest aircraft will monitor the air environment, ensuring the smooth operation of the Russian bombers and ground attack on the positions of terrorists.



Text:Timur Alimov

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