The U.S. Navy is terrified of the invisible Russian submarines.

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The U.S. Navy is terrified of the invisible Russian submarines
American military experts simulated a conflict with States with advanced military fleet. Aggressive U.S. foreign policy compels the experts to be ready for anything. It became clear that to effectively fight against trained and well-equipped fleet, not the same as that to adjust the carrier adjacent to the shores of countries that do not have the necessary funds for the symmetric response. The greatest wariness American experts called ultra-quiet diesel-electric submarines. The Pentagon in General attach particular importance to stealth technologies in the development of weapons, however, in this case invisibility has turned against the Americans. Invisible to sonar submarines are in service with the navies of Russia, China and Sweden.

submarines of class Lada
submarines of class Lada


At the same time as a potential threat to the U.S. Navy, in addition to Russia and China, also marked the fleet of Iran, these technologies do not have. I’d be curious to see who from these countries will primarily be sent to the new naval doctrine. Yes, the US military experts are seriously thinking about how to confront the invisible submarines. The fact that only one submarine alone can kill most of the American fleet. The first time such a technology the Americans faced in 2005. In that year, the Russian submarine had disappeared right under the noses of the ships of the United States. The Pentagon was confused and appealed to the allies for clarification, if someone knows what’s up with the Russians. Responded Sweden. For joint exercises in California for the whole year arrived missile-torpedo stealth submarine HMS Gotland Sweden. During the exercise, the Americans practiced cooperation of Swedish submarines with your aircraft carrier group. It turned out that cheaper to manufacture diesel-electric submarine proved to be more effective in battle than most modern U.S. nuclear submarine cruisers. During the exercise, in conditions close to the fighting, the Swedish seamen sunk the entire US fleet, with its nuclear fleet submarines, destroyers, frigates and cruisers. A year American sailors received a painful flick on his nose already in the real world. In 2006, a Chinese submarine tracked an American carrier, being unnoticed. The Chinese boat, not even the promising, as it collected on the basis of Russian and Western developments. However, the Americans were able to detect a Chinese submarine only after she defiantly surfaced 5 miles from the carrier. If not the most modern submarines of Sweden and China can bring the rustle of the military seamen of the USA, what about more deadly Russian submarines of project 677 «Lada».

Submarines of project 677 "Lada"
Submarines of project 677 «Lada»

«Lada» has an order of magnitude better noise than the submarines of the 636-th project «warszawianka». «Varshavyanki» by NATO classification dubbed the «black hole» for their ability to disappear from sonar. The latest submarines of class «Lada» is able to guard the coastline, to conduct reconnaissance or to deliver the forces into enemy territory. The «Lada» can be equipped with cruise missiles, including its proven missiles «Calibre». It should be added that in the near future of the Russian nuclear submarine fleet will also be able to boast of stealth technology. At the St. Petersburg shipbuilding research Institute. Krylov develop a special coating for submarines of class «Ash» and «Northwind», which will reduce their visibility to sonar 3 times. The development will be completed by the end of this year. Invisible Russian submarine fleet dispels the myth of U.S. superiority at sea. What to do with a huge number of ships, when the enemy is invisible and ready to strike with precision weapons? Let’s leave this question unanswered, let the strategists at the Pentagon will try to answer.

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