US to fear the power of the Russian armed forces.


U.S. forced to admit the Russian military operation in Syria very effective. Instead of getting involved in a quagmire similar to Afghanistan, as Obama predicted, Russia at minimum cost has achieved many successes.

«Platform» is a small robotic modules that carries several missiles and a machine gun
Russia has plans to fully automate its military campaign in Syria
As drew attention to the political scientist Vasil Muravitsky, on the effectiveness of Russian military operations say including the Financial Times. «Since the beginning of operation and until now recorded only three deaths in the ranks of the Russian military personnel in Syria. Thus, according to another American newspaper The New York Times, all year operation in Syria, Moscow spent 1 to 2 billion dollars. For comparison, the content of U.S. troops in Afghanistan spent tens of billions from the military budget of the United States, while the number of victims is estimated in thousand persons.

 С 400 и ЗРК Панцирь охраняют базу ВКС РФ В Сирии.

The Americans came to the conclusion that Russia could wage a very effective campaign for years, without spending a lot of money. So they try to intervene to keep the situation as-that to change and be brought under his interest, because Russia is, admittedly, winning in Syria and without their participation,» says Muravitsky.с-400

In his opinion, Russia has shown a new level of hostilities, and the US simply do not have time. Israeli intelligence has recently released information that Russia has plans to fully automate its military campaign in Syria. Moreover, there is already applied the latest developments of robotics, such robots as «Platform-M» and «Platform Argo».

Боевой многофункциональный робототехнический комплекс 'Уран-9'

«Platform» is a small robotic modules that carries several missiles and a machine gun. They can cause significant harm to terrorists, endangering the lives of operators. In this case, they are practically invulnerable, because radio waves are small, move fast enough. This suggests that in military-technical terms, Russia is very serious ahead of the US in Syria, causing significant damage to the terrorists. Of course, the U.S. wants to fit into this picture, since Russia’s actions are destroying all their strategic plans in the middle East», — the expert continues.

«Russia, through active engagement has created a strong positive image of a country that actively fights terrorism, and the US is trying to intercept now, many positive things, dragging them on. Realizing that Russian troops together with the Syrian troops can defeat ISIS (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) without the support of Western or Arab coalitions, they are already trying to join the game on the partition of Syria,» adds military expert Alexander Perendzhiev.

polite people

And about the efficiency of the Russian operations not only in America. German experts have calculated that by using different types of helicopters and airplanes, performing different tasks, Russia is spending on operation and air strikes not more than $ 2.5 million per day. The expert of the Stockholm Institute research problems of the world Simon Wezeman believes that Russia’s actions in Syria not only foreign policy but also an opportunity to test new equipment in combat conditions, for example, su-24, and in the future, if necessary to finalize.

Russia fully takes advantage of the opportunity to attract the interest of potential buyers. Many countries interested in buying Russian weapons, primarily the latest developments. «They see how the technique works not only on paper but in reality. For example, cruise missile type «Gauge» interest in many countries now. We all remember the footage of the spectacular night launch these missiles. This approach helps to find buyers for their products,» says Wezeman.

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